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  • Q: Is a box like this legal to own?
  • Simply YES! You’re never downloading or storing content. Simply streaming electronic data in small packets from 3rd party providers that are erased as they are viewed.  (See Terms of use) http://www.moviemate.tv/terms-of-use/
  • Q: What do I need to make this work?
  • TV with HDMI outlet and 10 MB. or higher broadband Wi-Fi Internet.
  • Q: Are they hard to set up?
  • Your Box is plug and play, no messy wires, satellites or cables. Simply connect to back of your TV HDMI and connect to Wi-Fi and enjoy the show. (See Quick Start)
  • Q: Does the Box Update itself?
  • Yes every time you restart it.
  • Q: Is there any monthly or annual fees to pay?
  • If the channels are free for us it should be free for you!*

*If you wish to extend the warrantee or wish to have custom designs and special updates we suggest purchasing our Extended Service Plan (ESP)

  • Q: I have seen cheaper boxes available?
  • There are many brands some with different chip sets. Some loaded, some you have to program yourself. Our units are a complete plug and play and we provide 1 year replacement and ongoing support. The technology is still in its infancy and we are committed to both pre-existing and new customers that when we find something better. We keep you up to date.*

The answers below will have you using your moviemate.tv right out of the box. If you have further questions, please Email us at: info@moviemate.tv

  • Q: How do I start using my moviemate.tv?
  • Visit our online Quick guide for step by step instructions Click here
  • Q: What is an Android Home page and a Kodi Home page?
  • Android Home page is where you can access shortcuts to various apps like Facebook, check your email or even browse the Internet. You can always get to the home page by pressing the house icon on your remote.

On the Android home screen and using your arrow keys on your remote navigate to the small (K) icon at the bottom and press OK on your remote. This will start up Kodi Home Screen and Moviemate.tv Simply press your right and left / up/down arrows to navigate through the selection of your choice and below each category select the desired subcategory TV show- Search Tv Show then press Ok.. use the sub menus below each category. To exit out of program press return Key

  • Q: How do I use the Mouse on the remote?
  • Press the mouse icon on the remote and the down or right arrow key to activate. Press the mouse button to turn off. (You may also want to buy a keyboard and mouse and plug it into the USB connection on the back of the box.)
  • Q: How do I use the back button?
  • Your back button ( Return Key)is most widely used to navigate or exit from one place to another. If you find you are lost keep pressing the back button. It is recognized as a little fish hook Arrow on the remote.
  • Q: Can I search for my favorite movies TV shows?
  • Yes. Search features are found on the Kodi home page. In some add-ons It will pull up an on screen keyboard and you can type or use the remote control to search.
  • Q: My show is slow to load or buffering?
  • This can happen for a number of reasons, weather, speed of Internet or source of the stream. Not all programs will always work, so save to your favorites.
  • Q: How do I turn off my system?
  • Press the Red button on remote.
  • Q: I see a blue screen saying swipe down or hit Ok?
  • It’s the default error screen, just use your remote and built in mouse to click ok. Means system did not shutdown properly.
  • Q: How to Stop / Pause / Rewind
  • Once movie or show has started press the OK button to open player options. Use your remotes right left arrows to click through features. * Important* to EXIT from a show you must press the Square button. Also If voice dubbing is off simply rewind for 5 seconds.

Trouble shooting tips:

  • Q: The shows or movies are buffering or lagging?
  • Disconnect your modem (router) by unplugging from the wall and wait 5 minutes to restart.
  • 2. Clear Cache. Under System (menu icon) you will see sub menu to clear cache
  • Q: The program is stuck or not responding?
  • Press home key red button on remote then go back to letter K and press OK. Or you can disconnect your box by unplugging it but be sure to wait minimum one minute before plugging back in.
  • Q: Should I buy a surge protector?
  • Like any electronic device a computer, TV, etc. You should always protect it from sudden electrical outages as it can damage your box and your TV.
  • Q: How do I save my favourites?
  • Once you have found a channel or a movie you like (Do not press Ok) on your remote, highlight by hovering over selection .There is a menu button and can be recognized as it has three small lines on remote. Click once and you will see, save to XBMC Kodi favorites. Press OK. Then go to Favourites on the kodi home screen press Ok.
  • Q: I am watching a movie and want to pause re-wide or stop?
  • Once a program starts it will ask you where you wish to watch it from. i.e Primewire (1345 views) Find the ones that offer you the best streaming and quality and remember if you get playback failed simply find another source. Soon you will have your own favorites. Once the program, movie, etc. starts you will see a menu just like on a DVD player. Remember if you want to stop or exit a movie playing just press the stop button. You can also hide it by pressing the back button ONCE*.
  • Q: What is an Add-on?
  • Add-ons are third party sources from various content providers. Example: Exodus You can find sub folders offering everything from for sports, movies, TV shows, etc. We have placed a shortcut to some of the most popular add-ons. Click on Men’s Zone. You can add or delete by using your menu button. Once highlighted go to settings and remove. Moviemate does not provide any content and it’s up to the user’s discretion to find.
  • Q: How do I find more add-ons?

The last icon looks like a puzzle piece. Press OK and it will load up a list of more available. Don’t be afraid to spend time looking, there are some great add-ons out there.

Additional Tips and tricks can be found on our Facebook Website


*Note: Moviemate.tv is absolutely legal and contains only links to other websites on the Internet that make embedded feature available like Netflix, Hulu, Roku or YouTube. We do not host or upload any video/media files, and are not responsible for the legality of the content one may wish to find. If you have any legal issues, please contact the appropriate media file hosts or owners.

Please visit our Channel list to see a sample of channels in the system, alternatively you can see the detailed Product Specifications here.