Below you will find two easy steps to get you started streaming free movies, TV shows and Sports right from the comfort of your sofa with no more cable or monthly subscriptions.
Once installed you will notice your Movimate looks just like an Android tablet and operates the same way.


Go to Settings. This is where you simply add your Wi-Fi and Internet password by using your remote arrows and OK button. Here you can also set the time, change the display settings and even install a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard.

quickstart-2 quickstart-3
quickstart-4 quickstart-5


You will see 4 buttons on the remote press return or home. Then press Kodi Icon see (figure 1), and enjoy the show.

For additional support and tips and tricks go to www.moviemate.tv FAQ or www.facebook.com/moviematetv

*Note: Moviemate’s product and services are for personal home use. We recommend an Internet connection of 10 MB or higher. Higher for sports or Live TV.  System is for streaming 3rd party provided information and no downloading or copyrighting is involved.

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